Monthly Archives: February 2016

What is Metaethics?

Catherine Wilson

Wilson-front-coverMetaethics is the study of moral thought and moral language. Rather than addressing questions about what practices are right and wrong, and what our obligations to other people or future generations are – questions of so-called ‘normative’ ethics – metaethics asks what morality actually is. The metaethicist is interested in whether there can be knowledge of moral truths, or only moral feelings and attitudes, and asks how we understand moral discourse as compared with other forms of speech and writing. Continue reading

Writing the Life of Schlegel

Schlegel-front-coverMy approach to this biography of Schlegel came from an unexpected quarter. I had already written a biography of Ludwig Tieck, Schlegel’s old friend, (1985) and had completed a study of Shakespeare’s reception in Germany (2003), but had not contemplated any further work in these areas. The work on these two books had admittedly involved  quite extensive study of Schlegel himself. I was therefore no newcomer when I received an invitation to the first conference ever devoted to him, in Dresden in 2008. Continue reading